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House Rules


We have these rules because they are consistent with community placement and recovery practices. Please review carefully, as all residents will be expected to meet these expectations.


NO DRUG USE OR ALCOHOL USE – INCLUDING MARIJUANA This is a recovery supportive housing program. Re-occurring Drug and Alcohol use may lead to a housing exit.

1. You are not allowed to use or possess alcohol, drugs, medications not prescribed to you, or drug paraphernalia.

2. If you supply or give drugs or alcohol to another resident or are caught dealing drugs on or off property, we reserve the right to exit you immediately. (If exited, you may get your belongings within three days.)

3. If you have a recurrence of use of drugs or alcohol, you must self-report immediately to Shalom Housing team and your drug court team. Not disclosing quickly and completely places your housing at risk.

4. You will have a baseline urinalysis drug test (UA) when you arrive. Random housing UA’s will be required. The house manager or any resident may request a random UA. Failure to take a UA when asked may lead to a housing exit. We frequently UA an entire house.

5. If you use someone else’s urine sample or synthetic (store bought) urine for your UA, you may be exited immediately.

6. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or have substances in your UA, you may be removed from housing immediately.

7. The results of your housing UAs will be made available to drug court staff.


1. Only prescription drugs prescribed by your healthcare provider and approved by your drug court team are allowed. No cough syrup, unless it is prescribed.

2. Any prescribed medication must be kept in a locked box with a copy of the prescription given to the house manager and drug court.

3. You will be expected to follow drug court policies regarding prescription medication. If you receive a new prescription, make sure to report it to your Drug Court case manager and your treatment provider.

4. Possession of medication not prescribed to you is cause for an exit.


Do not smoke in your room or anywhere in the house. Smoking is only allowed outside. Please clean up your smoking materials. There will be a designated place in the back patio.

D. Rooms

1. There will be both scheduled and random room searches for all residents. Rooms may be searched for drugs or contraband at any time.

2. ROOM CARE: Rooms must be kept orderly and clean. Beds should be made daily when not occupied. Dirty dishes should be removed daily and washed. Trash should be emptied daily.

3. Food may not be stored in rooms.

4. Rooms are shared rooms, unless arrangements are made. If there is an open bed in your room, you are responsible for maintaining the bed. You may not use the spare bed, dresser or closet.




1. Immediately clean up any area you use (Kitchen, Bathroom, and Common area). It is expected that you will thoroughly clean the bathroom after your use. We provide bleach in the house for sanitizing surfaces.

2. TOILET: Nothing else should be flushed down the toilet except toilet paper. 

3. HOUSE CHORES: You are expected to participate in house chores, and they will be assigned weekly. The chore list is in the kitchen. If you cannot do your chore, you need to make arrangements with another resident to cover it for you. The house will be deep cleaned by residents every week. Chores will include thorough cleanup of common areas (kitchens, bathrooms, living room). Each tenant is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and for participating in communal chores as assigned.

4. UTILITIES and GARBAGE: Energy conservation is everyone’s responsibility. Garbage must go out. It is up to everyone to make sure the cans are outside.

5. Shalom House staff will inspect each home each week and provide a report card.

6. PROPERTY DAMAGE: If you intentionally damage the house, you will pay for the damage.

7. CARS: If you own a vehicle, it must be functioning and not in disrepair (leaking oil, smoking) and you must also have proof of license and insurance. Parking is first come first served. There is no assigned parking. If you damage someone’s car or someone else damages your car, it is your responsibility. We do not get involved.

8. The computer and printer are to remain in the common area.



1. You are not allowed to possess guns, knives, or other weapons. Possession of these items will be a cause for an exit.

2. Shalom House is not responsible for your personal property.

3. You must identify any personal property with value of greater than $50 to the intake team.

4. If you borrow and loan it is at your own risk. Residents are responsible for their own security and the security of their possessions. Residents storing personal belongings in common areas store them at their own risk.

5. Stealing is a cause for an exit. Bringing stolen goods into the house is stealing. Taking someone’s medication is stealing. We will ask you to move out if you steal.

6. FOOD: Taking someone else’s food is stealing. You must ask about taking items in the refrigerator or food located elsewhere. We frequently have food donations for the entire house. Please be sure you understand if something is community food or personal food.

7. PROPERTY STORAGE: Any property left behind after moving out or abandoning your unit will be disposed of in 3 days if you do not make arrangements for it. If you make advanced arrangements, storage may be available for up to 30 days. We do not have the ability to store property for more than 30 days. Please make arrangements to have someone collect your items if you cannot do so.


1. If you breach the safety of the house, or exit your residency, it will lead to a change in door codes.

2. If you give your entry code to someone else, or let someone in on your code, that is considered a breach of house safety and will be grounds for an exit.

3. Guests are NOT allowed. NO overnight guests are allowed under any conditions. NO persons under the age of 18 are allowed anywhere on the property at any time, unless discussed with the managers and CPS has approved.

4. No individuals who do not reside in the house are allowed on the property. However, we allow family members to tour your house on move in or at a pre-arranged time.

5. Physical violence or threats of any kind will not be tolerated. Violence or threats by you or your approved guests will be a cause for an immediate exit.


1. Do not ask other residents for money.

2. You are not allowed to ask other residents to sign paperwork for the courts or any other group.

3. If you have a conflict with anyone in the house, please ask the house leader, the peer mentor and the owners for support in helping to come to a resolution.

4. NEW RESIDENTS: We will not knowingly move someone into the house that has harmed you or provides stress to you. Please let us know if you have concerns about your safety or ability to live in a shared space with any of the residents based on prior history.


Immediate termination of residency may result from any of the following behaviors - TO PROTECT ALL RESIDENTS:

1. Possession of guns, knives, other weapons. 

2. Physical or vocal violence or threats of any kind. This includes threats made by your approved guests. 

3. Breaching the safety of the house, including giving your entry code to someone else or letting them in on your code. 

4. Use or possession of alcohol, drugs, medications not prescribed to you, or drug paraphernalia. 

5. Failure to report use of drugs or alcohol to Shalom House team. 

6. Dealing drugs on or off the property. 

7. Abuse of over the counter or prescription medications. 

8. Possession of stolen goods or any theft. 

9. Non-residents on the property. Family may be allowed to visit with 24-hours notice. 

10. Violation of curfew. 

11. Violation of house rules. 

12. Having a messy room or food in your room 2 times. 

13. Stuffing anything down the toilet except toilet paper. 

14. Damaging the house intentionally. 

15. Soliciting money from other residents.

*** NO CALL – NO SHOW at housing for 48 hours may result in exit. Please contact your house manager if you plan on being gone longer than 48 hours with approval.

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