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  • Periodic Drug testing

  • Breathalyzer testing 

  • Weekly house meeting

  • Obeying House rules

  • NA, AA meetings

  • 12 steps



              WE OFFER:

  • Fully furnished rooms

  • Some transportation

  • Job counseling

  • Academic tutoring 

  • Some meals or some groceries

  • Monthly art/ music class

  • Weekly activities


  • Prescribed medication.

  • Value diversity and do not discriminate.

  • Provide an alcohol free and illicit drug free environment.

  • Honor individuals’ rights to choose their recovery paths.

  • Safeguard privacy, confidentiality and personal rights of each resident.

  • Provide a safe, home-like environment that meets or exceeds national standards.

  • Do not tolerate any kind of harassment or intimidation or retribution.

  • Create a culture of community and support.

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We welcome anyone who is committed to building a better future for themselves and those around them through: 

Our men's home is located within walking distance of HEB, Kroger, CVS, Ace Hardware, Crunch gym, restaurants, and numerous other essentials--most  within a mile and are easily accessible via sidewalks. Our women's home is located a stone's throw away from a sidewalk accessible plaza with Kroger, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway, Walgreens, UPS, Starbucks, many restaurants, a bakery & essentials, and within a mile of a YMCA.





Contact us if you have any questions or would like to apply for Housing!

About the Founder

The founder, Jackie Lee, has been a quality housing provider in Florida for over ten years after returning from Christian mission work in China for two years. She witnessed the power of quality housing in nice neighborhoods during that time.


She studied nursing in college and worked as an investment adviser, and her philosophy has always been to treat everyone the way she would like to be treated. Guided by this ethos, she helped many people with all kinds of needs - including assisting numerous property owners avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure during the financial crisis by working with banks and law firms on their behalf, as well as counseling many people with spiritual and emotional needs in times of difficult situations. 

The fulfillment and joy she felt from helping people reclaim their financial and emotional stability during their most trying times inspired the Shalom House Foundation and continues to be its driving force. She recognizes the inherent limitations of human beings - she believes in the power of mutual support to help each other achieve a destiny designed by God, which leads to a more satisfying and meaningful life than one can create oneself. To delve deeper into her thoughts and ideas, her book "Destiny by Design" is available on Amazon or through her website at This book or website likely offers a more detailed exploration of her mission and the underlying philosophy of the foundation.

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