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Katy Recovery Homes


Renew, Restore, Rebuild:
Your Haven for Recovery


Shalom House Foundation is a Not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that offers fully furnished shared housing for those in recovery in the Katy - Houston area. All our homes are MAT level 2 homes.

 The foundation provides safe and clean housing in nice neighborhoods -- that offers residents the sense of security, social support, and psychological safety that they need to create a better version of themselves  -- in partnership with other amazing organizations and agencies in the Katy-Houston area. We house veterans, disadvantaged women and people in recovery, and our residents are allowed to take prescribed medication.


To Inspire Hope and Empower People through Quality Housing and with positive community and Peer Support.


To Build a Better Society of Hope-filled People

and End Homelessness -

One Community at a time.

    The cornerstone of your path to successful recovery begins with your determination to conquer addiction. No one can force recovery upon you.


    Our recovery home welcomes

those committed to changing lives, positively impacting themselves and the people around them.

Our Housing Model and Our Mentors

Our Mentors, Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D, witnessed poor quality recovery homes when helping a family member. Frank's background is in real estate and marketing.  Sherri's background is in law and medicine.  Together, they created Kate’s House Foundation in Seattle, WA to provide housing for people who needed a safe, secure neighborhood in upscale neighborhoods.  Their residents are veterans, disadvantaged women and people with substance use.  They have changed state laws as well as housing throughout the country. 

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